Wednesday, 18 May 2011



Someone brought a box of Pişmaniye into the office today. I did not know this stuff existed, it’s super-amazing, a bit like eating the yummiest, dissolve in your mouth, vanilla flavoured wool but without the scummy fluffy tongue afterwards. Definitely my favourite discovery of the week.

The picture above is not our box, oh no, once the word got out and hands dived in ours began to look like a ransacked knitting basket. A delicious, edible knitting basket… I think I need some more.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Another Day, Another Field


A couple of weeks ago, dressed in our prettiest countryside clothes and with our mobiles tucked out of sight we set out on the thirteen mile walk from Yalding to Sevenoaks in Kent. The more we tried not to look like London girls the more obvious it got that we were. In the end I thought ‘sod it’ and pretended I was living in The Railway Children. We were followed by two large cows, assumed to be lost by an old pipe smoking man, shared a road with deer, found a beautiful bluebell wood, walked through apple orchards and graveyards, picnicked on a village green, got stopped in our tracks by a group of sheep and then got drenched in a freakishly unexpected thunderstorm. And that’s where the novelty ended, mobiles were turned back on and a cab was called to swiftly ferry us back to the train station.

I particularly loved the old church with the large white lightning bolt shaped cracks running down the side. We stopped off here for a wander around and found wood pigeons and doves nesting nearby.


Slightly off topic but I like the bad cutting on this photo and all the springtime colours

Sunday, 8 May 2011



We had a really lovely day at the Southbank last Monday. This summer it is dripping in seaside nostalgia with old ice cream vans, beach hut galleries and a huge sand pit. It was an unusually windy day – skirts and hats went flying, the rows of paper aeroplanes near the Jubilee Bridge looked like they were about to blow away from their wires. We stopped off at the balcony bar in the Royal Festival Hall for spicyspicyspicy ginger beers and in the evening saw Frankenstein at the National Theatre. Excellent times.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Saturday was dim sum and cupcakes at the Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch followed by beers at the always great Strongroom and a dance at the worst club with the best dancefloor in London The Electricity Showrooms.