Saturday, 20 April 2013

Guildford Cathedral

I have passed Guildford on the train many times and wondered about that huge cathedral sitting atop the hill, so a few weeks ago I convinced Claire to come with me to have a look-see.

A relatively new building, only consecrated 52 years ago, Guildford Cathedral is one of the less popular cathedrals in Britain, mainly because it doesn't drip with ostentatious ornamentation like other churches. Instead, I think it has a subtle beauty to it. Upon entering I was surprised to find a light, quiet and modern art-deco design. Most of the windows are high up and plain but the few stain glass windows there shine pink and blue against the limestone walls. Guildford's real treasure is the kneelers. There are over 1400 of them, each one of them individually cross-stitched with a different design.

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