Monday, 24 November 2014

travels: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik and I didn't get off to a good start; I hopped off the bus a stop too early, someone gave me wrong directions, "stay on this road, it's 15 minutes" and I ended up dragging my luggage up a hill and down a hill and back up a hill and back down a hill in temperatures over 90. An hour later I was at my apartment overlooking Stradun in the Old Town and all my troubles were forgotten.

We walked the walls, again in uncompromising sunshine, but didn't get a true understanding of the town until we took the cable car up to the top of (yet another) hill. From there you can see how the red roofed town is neatly packed inside the grey city walls. Our plans to visit Mjlet were scuppered by a tornado - an actual tornado! - that flipped over a few boats in the harbour and effectively shut the city down for 36 hours. We spent most of that time marvelling at the wind and rain and watching europop music videos in the apartment. A bottle of fig brandy mysteriously showed up in our kitchen and was promptly devoured. On the final day we were finally able to venture outside the city walls where did nothing but play cards on the jetty and follow cats to their dens. A weekend well spent I think.

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