Tuesday, 16 December 2014

1st DIY of Christmas: Polka Dot Pom-Poms

A happy accident; I was trying to make multi coloured pom poms for my Christmas tree when the first one came out like this - a little black and white polka dot pom pom.

First things first, I find the simplest way to make pom poms is to wrap yarn around two cardboard, doughnut shaped discs but by now almost everyone has their own way of making pom poms so I won't go into that - for ease I'm doing it the disc way and only using two colours but you could make lots of different coloured dots to the pom pom by adding different coloured yarn.

So to begin, wrap your main colour around the disc until all the cardboard is completely covered.

Using the other colour wrap six lines of yarn over the white.

Now cover the whole thing in a second layer of white yarn and gently cut around the edge of the circle.

Tie a piece of string between the two pieces of cardboard to hold the yarn together and gently pull the yarn out between the holes in the centre of the card. You should have a ragged little thing that looks nothing like a polka dot pom pom. Fear not, a quick trim with the scissors should set it right.  This is just a very basic example of ways that you can play around with the yarn to make all sorts of patterned pom poms.

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