Monday, 24 March 2014

been making: fondant icing roses

You know that epiphany moment when you suddenly look at something that you previously thought was impossible in a completely different way and instantly realise that it's probably one of the easiest things in the world?  Yep, well I had that today with fondant icing roses.  I saw someone's handmade cake and there it was, all plotted out in my head.  I'm quite pleased with my first effort. It's easily the most peasy thing to make ever.

1. Make a 3D tear drop shape out of some fondant icing
2. Roll out a  thin, flat circle about the same circumference as the tear drop
3. Wrap the circle around the top of  tear drop
4. Make another six or so thin, flat circles.  These will be the petals.
5. In turn wrap each petal around the base of the tear drop, overlapping the petals
6. Curl the tips of the petals outwards
7. Done and done, you should have a rose!

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