Monday, 10 March 2014

been seeing: A Taste of Honey, Analog.Ue

I had a complete internet meltdown recently (literally, I think the wires melted or something) so I'm a bit late with my round-up.  Mercifully I've only seen a couple of things in the past two weeks so there's not much catching up to do.  First up is A Taste of Honey (Lytteton, 21st February) which is arguably now mostly known for being a huge reference point for Morrissey and, I confess, the reason I wanted to see it.  Time has eroded its shock value but what stops it from falling into an outdated period piece is the remaining, sometimes poignant, portrait of the relationship between mother and daughter.  They are a frenzy of contradictory emotions; bitter, flippant, self-deprecating, serious, dependent, disappointed and under it all, really just wanting more for and from each other.   

Analog.Ue (Lyttelton, 26th Febuary) is Daniel Kitson's return to the National Theatre.  There are clear shades of Beckett, in particular Krapp's Last Tape; 46 tapes spinning fragments of a yarn.  It's an ode to memory, loss and old recording machines.  But it's also about storytelling, about how we piece tales together from remnants of our past and how they live on in into the future, the bits that are kept and the bits that are scrapped.  It's great but to explain it any more than that would be spoiling it.  

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